Supplies reclaimed, recycled, and surplus rigid insulation of all types

Supplies reclaimed, recycled, and surplus rigid insulation of all types

Supplies reclaimed, recycled,
and surplus rigid insulation
of all types

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Functional and Sustainable Rigid Foam Insulation

At Green Insulation Group, we stay true to our passion for sustainability by selling reclaimed and factory surplus materials at an affordable price. Find the largest volume and selection of eco-friendly rigid foam insulation of all types in our inventory.

Largest Supply of Factory Surplus, Seconds, and Reclaimed Rigid Insulation in North America

Green Insulation Group has successfully diverted over 850,000 cubic yards of insulation from landfills. See various benefits you’ll get from using our sustainable products:

  • Savings typically 40-70% compared to new
  • Environmentally responsible and may qualify for LEED credits
  • Typically, the functionality and insulating capabilities of our product is consistent with new material
  • Our inventory is very diverse, please contact us for your specific needs
  • Surplus, Reclaimed, Recycled, and Once Used product’s available


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