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James Hartford
Principal/Architect - River Architects

We are an architecture firm that specializes in Passive House, and used Green Insulation Group for the basement insulation of our on Phius Certified office building. We were really pleased with the materials GIG supplied to us, exactly what we needed. Specifying low-embodied energy products is really important to us, and GIG helped us meet that goal. Not only is it low embodied energy material (we are giving reclaimed materials a second life by using it- it would have been sent to the dump or incinerator otherwise), reclaimed EPS from GIG saved us considerable money over buying new. We continue to recommend them to clients and builders.

Adam Kay
Great company to purchase rigid insulation from. I purchased an entire truckload of high quality polyiso rigid foam of varying thicknesses. Green Insulation Group was very responsive, Ron worked with me to customize the quantities of the various thicknesses, and their price (including shipping) for the order was unbeatable. They also organized the shipping to align with my schedule.

Traci Graham
Good product at a fair price. Ron brings a terrific value to the marketplace. Excellent customer service, timely deliveries fast response.

Dwyer Haney
Great prices! Quick turnaround. Excellent way to divert usable materials from the landfill, and save on your construction project. Would work with them again.

Lorraine Feeney
Great selection, price, and service. Knowledgeable staff

Joyce Bober
Super friendly and knowledgeable!!!


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